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   Located in Raanana, Israel, Electrion is a private distributor of electronic components and IT parts and equipment, including end-of-life, obsolete and other hard-to-find products .Electrion is a private company founded by Igal Berenshtein who specializes in this market for over sixteen years.

   Our stock includes more than 35,000 types of components and IT parts and equipment stored in our warehouse. In addition, we specialize in international sourcing of a wide range of components and products.

   We put a strong emphasis on our products quality, originality and meticulous testing that match our customers demands.

 Our products include: active and passive components, IT’s and IC’s, Opto-electronics,  medical parts, test equipment from all sorts and many more.

   In addition,We offer purchasing services for High and Low-tech companies in Israel and abroad.

    Providing the best professional services, lead times and prices, we are definitely suited to be your long-term and loyal business partner!